At DYD, we offer all of the major styles of dance. Classes are available for ages 18 months through 18 years. Our smaller class sizes allow for maximum individual attention in all classes!



This is not your typical tumbling or gymnastics class! This class helps to develop courage, strength, stamina, co-ordination, flexibility of all parts of the body, jumping abilities, and grace. Each class will focus on developing flexibility, balance, muscle control, discipline and concentration. 



Contemporary explores moving the body, especially the spine, in ways different from more traditional styles such as Ballet, Tap, and most Jazz. Contemporary teaches dancers to ground themselves and adjust their weight placement to use the floor in a whole new way.



High energy class combines a lot of movement with the discipline of technique. Focus on isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and complex rhythms and patterns. This fun and energetic class will expand into different elements including kicks, leaps, turns, splits,



Often called a dancer’s “foundation,” ballet is known for helping dancers increase body control, balance, agility, and core strength, Ballet is an essential cornerstone in a dancer’s training.


Dance Theater:

Combines the artistic worlds of Theater and Dance, teaching dancers how to tell a story, play a character, and convey moods, feelings, and emotions through dance. Dancers will be encouraged to “use their face” while performing, which can help them perform better in other classes as well!



A combination of Ballet and Jazz where you can learn how to make the body flow and connect from movement to movement. Learn to portray true emotions through the body, face, and use of musicality. With progression of the class, we will emphasize music lyrics while telling a story with fluid movement.



This high energy class will help you learn how to work as a team. The class will focus on correct arm placement, proper execution of jumps, tumble skills and stunts. Dancers will work on strengthening the entire body while working on arms, jumps, and stunts!


Hip Hop:

A high-energy class infusing modern styles of dance including old and new urban, street, breaking, popping, and locking. Dancers will step outside of the box and use their own personality/style to make it their own. Work on strength and stamina to master basic steps through intense combinations.



Dancers will learn everything from basic to complex steps and how to put those steps together to create a variety of unique and fun beats with or without music. Explore both rhythm and Broadway styles. Both styles will have emphasis on syncopation and sound clarity as well as arm movement and animation. 

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DYD's 2021-2022 season will be broken up into the 2021 Fall Semester and 2022 Spring Semester.


The 2021 Fall Semester will run from August 30th through our Winter Recital on Saturday, January 15th.

Registration begins Monday, July 26th!

Classes will fill up! Register right away to secure your dancer's spot in class!

The 2022 Spring Semester will run from January 24th through our Summer Recital on Saturday, June 11th.


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