Until the 2023 Summer Recital!!

DYD Presents: "Summer Vacation!"

DYD's Summer Recital (for dancers in "Lil" levels and up) will be taking place on Saturday, June 10th beginning promptly at 4:30PM at The Santander Performing Arts Center.

For dancers in Creative Movement only, the Summer Recital will be taking place on Saturday, June 10th beginning promptly at 10AM at the Nativity BVM Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The information below includes important dates/times, will help walk you through the Recital season, and so much more! At DYD, we strive to make Recital as easy and enjoyable as we can for our dancers, but most importantly the parents.

Any and all questions/concerns should be brought to Miss Ali in the office or sent to us by email

at office@danceyourdreams.studio right away so we can help the best we can! 

Summer Recital Quick Links

Where and when is the Summer Recital held?

The 2023 Summer Recital will be held at The Santander Performing Arts Center (located at 136 N 6th St, Reading, PA 19602) on Saturday, June 10th. The show will begin promptly at 4:30pm. We suggest all guests be seated by 4:15pm to avoid missing any of this amazing show!

The Recital is approximately 2.5 hours long with a 30-minute intermission.

Creative Movement dancers only will have a separate Recital at 10 am on Saturday, June 10th. This Recital will be held at the Nativity BVM Ukrainian Catholic Church located at 211 Grace Street, Reading, PA 19611. Check your email & handout for full details.

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What do I need to know about the mandatory rehearsals?

All Rehearsals are CLOSED to parents/spectators. Dancers should be dropped off and parents will be able to come back at the designated time to pick them up.

Creative Movement dancers do not participate in either rehearsal. Lil Level dancers should only attend the Full Dress rehearsal on Friday, June 9th.

Reminder: We have TWO mandatory rehearsals. One on Saturday, June 3rd and one on Friday, June 9th. Exact times can be found by clicking on the "Rehearsal/Recital Schedule" quick link button above. Please see the "What Act is My Dancer In?" quick link button above to double check what Act your dancer is in.

Saturday June 3, 2023: This is a dress rehearsal that is mandatory for all students Beginner Level and up. This rehearsal will be held AT the DYD STUDIO! Students will need ALL items that will be used for the Recital. Hair should be neatly out of face and off neck. Dancers in more than 1 class should bring all of their quick change items for rehearsal.

Friday June 9, 2023: This is a FULL dress rehearsal that is mandatory for ALL students "Lil" Level and Up. This rehearsal will run almost EXACTLY like the actual Recital. It will be at the Santander Performing Arts Center and dancers should arrive in full hair, make up and costumes - EXACTLY how they will for Recital. Dancers in more than 1 class should bring all of their quick change items.

As a reminder: no parents are permitted in the backstage area for security reasons. Only ONE parent should drop off and pick up the dancer. Dancers should have ALL of their costumes and shoes labeled and should not bring any other personal items with them to either rehearsal.

***Please see the "Rehearsals" & "Recital Day" sections of the Recital Guide for FULL DETAILS about drop off and pick up for rehearsals.

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Do I need a ticket?

A ticket will need to be scanned for every guest. All guests (including parents, siblings, family members, and more) will require a ticket. Children ages 4 and under who will sit on a lap for the ENTIRE show will not be required to have a ticket. Any guest 5 years old and up or who will sit in their own seat at any point during the show is REQUIRED to have a ticket.

DYD dancers in 5 years old and older, that are only in one Act, will be given a promo code to use when you are purchasing tickets to give the dancer a free seat. This ticket will need to be added when you are purchasing your tickets so your dancer can sit with you.

If you require handicap seating for a guest attending Recital, please contact us by email right away, BEFORE purchasing tickets. 

Tickets can be purchased here: http://www.danceticketing.com/27579/

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Tell me more about the QR codes needed for Pick Up/Drop off

At DYD, our dancers' safety is of the utmost importance! This season we have implemented a system that will help expedite the pick up and drop off process for Recital and rehearsals as well as keep our dancers safer than ever before! All dancers' parents will be emailed an individualized QR code that will need to be scanned at drop off, so that we have every single dancer checked in accurately. Then, at pick up, the QR code will need to be scanned by whoever is picking the dancer up before they will be released to the parent or guardian. This QR code can be easily shared with any adults who are responsible for your dancer.

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Can I take photos/videos during Recital?

DYD does not allow any photography or videography during the show. This allows for the best viewing experience for all of our guests and eliminates the risk that someone's view of their dancer may be blocked by another parent holding up a camera or cell phone. All parents will receive digital pictures and videos of the entire performance, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show! There will be security at the event who will be monitoring this and removing anyone seen taking pictures/videos.

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Recital: When do I drop off and pick up my dancer?

All dancers in Act 1/ both Acts are required to be checked in and in the dressing room(s) no later than 3:45PM. Plan to arrive early so you have time to park, use the bathroom etc. Dancers ONLY in Act 1 are required to be picked up immediately at the start of intermission, not before.

Dancers in Act 2 only must arrive in time for the show to begin and MUST sit in the audience until intermission. Act 2 only dancers will need to be checked in IMMEDIATELY at the start of intermission. Dancers in Act 2 must be picked up immediately after the show, not before.

As a reminder: no parents are permitted in the backstage area for security reasons. Only ONE parent should drop off and pick up the dancer.

Hair, Make Up, and Accessories

Hair: At DYD, we do not require a certain hairstyle. A bun is required if the dancer is in a Ballet class. All hair should be securely up, out of the face, and off of the neck. All fly-aways should be smoothed out/down with hairspray or gel. No abnormal colored hair is permitted. Hair should be the dancer’s natural color and hair accessories such as clips, bobby/hair pins, hair nets, hair ties, etc. should be the color of the dancer's hair. Beads or other hair accessories are not permitted for safety reasons.

Make Up: At DYD, we do not require make-up, but do strongly recommend it. We prefer age-appropriate makeup. As the dancer ages, “stage make-up” becomes more of the norm. Please be conscious of color choices. “Clown” is not the look we are going for! We suggest a sparkly color on the eyes, pink blush, mascara, and lip color that is a few shades darker than the dancer's natural lip color.

Accessories: No jewelry or additional accessories are permitted to be worn for rehearsals or the Recital. This is for safety reasons and also because we don't want anything broken! This includes, but is not limited to: necklaces, bracelets, hair pieces, and earrings. Dancers are permitted to wear clear diamond-looking stud earrings only, if they would like. Dangle earrings are not permitted.

We are here for any questions you have (and to give suggestions!) about hair and make up!

Can I get my dancer something to celebrate their accomplishments for the season?

YES! There are so many great options! At DYD we sell flowers, merchandise, “Shout Outs” in the Recital Program, and Candy Grams to celebrate your dancers’ big night! Some items are available right from the ticketing site and can be picked up the night of the Recital. Other items (such as stuffies, bracelets, Croc charms, and more) will be available on a first come, first serve basis the night of the show!

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